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Lanolin is a unique organic substance derived from the wool grease coating on raw sheep wool. It is an all natural, incredibility effective substance that acts as a moisture barrier and lubricant.

WoolWax® Undercoating Formula is a lanolin based corrosion inhibitor developed solely to protect the undercarriages of automobiles and trucks. Our lanolin is blended with other proprietary agents to provide long term corrosion protection. WoolWax® will provide long term protection (annual application) against salt, liquid calcium chloride, brine, and all other ice control agents that are being used by municipal departments.

Most other undercoating products contain up to 70% solvents, which make these products very thin and watery. Without a very thick viscosity, these products break down and wash off quickly. WoolWax® is solvent free and very thick and viscous. It applies like a heavy latex paint, which makes it very resistant to wash-off. WoolWax® does not dry. It remains soft and pliable and continues to be active, migrating into all the inaccessible areas.

Woolwax® contains much more raw woolgrease (lanolin) than competitive products. This makes Woolwax® thicker and much more resistant to wash off. Thereby providing a longer period of protection for exposed undercarriage areas. Woolwax™ is a maintenance application. A Woolwax™ treatment will easily provide protection through even the harshest of winter conditions. Woolwax™ is extremely resistant to wash-off. Woolwax™ contains no solvents, so there is no evaporation process. In the protected enclosed areas (doors, frame rails, etc.) a single treatment will provide protection for an indefinite period of time (years). The exposed area of the undercarriage should be re-treated every other year, or as needed depending on the use, and geographic region (snowbelt area, etc.). In most cases a Woolwax™ treatment will last 2 years. Some people do prefer to do a touch-up of the undercarriage every winter. There is no need to remove or power wash the existing Woolwax™. Simply give it a rinse with a garden hose to clean it up a bit, and apply a fresh coat right over the existing Woolwax™. Many of our Undercoaters suggest treating vehicles in the warmer weather so that the Woolwax™ creeps and migrates into all the inaccessible areas.

WoolWax® is the most trusted name in vehicle undercoating protection. Municipalities, Fire Departments, Undercoaters, and snow and ice removal companies all throughout the northeast trust WoolWax® for their corrosion protection needs. WoolWax® is a heavy duty industrial grade lanolin/woolgrease formula that provides powerful long term corrosion protection. Because WoolWax® is built thicker, it is more resistant to wash-off than competitors products. WoolWax® is built to last longer ! Available in clear and black.

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