Please understand that submitting this form does not assure that we will be able to recommend your business on our Undercoating Locator. Woolwax™ is very selective about recommending Undercoater Locations to our customers. We do not just make a sale, and then add you to our Dealer Locator. It is a bit of a process. Before we send any of our customers to a location, we try to make absolutely certain that the business is established, reputable, ethical, and will provide the best finished product, at a fair cost, to our customers. With Woolwax™ it is not about the sale.. it's about the quality. 

What type of business applies Woolwax® undercoating?

Auto repair shops, vehicle detailers, plow and equipment suppliers, tire dealers and mobile undercoaters. Vehicle undercoating can add a significant source of additional revenue to almost and automotive related company.


What is required to become a Woolwax® undercoating location?

Location would be the first criteria. We protect the marketing area of Woolwax® undercoaters and we will not open Woolwax® undercoating locations too close to another, unless a current location becomes non-performing.

A full time established operating business that is open to the public is preferred. We are investing a tremendous amount of advertising to drive business to our Woolwax® undercoating partners. We need the customer to be able to easily contact and visit each location.


Does my business get listed on the Woolwax® Undercoater Locator?

Yes. As long as you stay active (order every 60 days) we will send business to your location via the Locator. Our Locator service gets between 600-700 “hits” every day with people putting their zip codes in looking for a Woolwax® undercoater near them.

However, if your business location does not promote and sell Woolwax® on a continual basis, we would not continue to list and drive business to your location.


How much does it cost to become a Woolwax® Undercoater?

This is not a franchise model. We simply sell you the product and promote your business. The volume in every area is different and we understand that. All we ask is that you stock enough Woolwax® product to be able to service customers that want Woolwax®. We ship daily so there is no need to stock large quantities of product. Any business that is actively engaged in the undercoating business should be ordering product every 4 -6 weeks.


Do you have Woolwax® signs?

We provide all types of promotional materials to our Woolwax® Undercoaters at no charge.Vinyl banners. signs, key chains, window service stickers, T-shirts, hats, product literature, and more. The amount of promotional material supplied at no charge is proportionate to the amount of Woolwax® product ordered.



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