The incredible demand for Woolwax® car & truck undercoating in black has amazed us. From our field testing with real Undercoater's we knew that Woolwax® was outperforming every other brand of vehicle rust protection. But we did not anticipate the success of our black undercoating. Undercoaters and Dealers are coming out of the woodwork to carry Woolwax® vehicle undercoating. If an Undercoater meets our standards we send enough product for them to spray the product on a vehicle. That's all it takes. We are not keeping track but if we were I bet we are batting better than 90% success rate in Undercoaters liking and deciding the apply Woolwax® to their customers cars and trucks. There are other "black oil' undercoating products out there. But they either drip like crazy or the black coloring washes off after the 1st rain. Woolwax® black provides a beautiful black shiny coating that creeps and migrates into all the inaccessible areas. And Woolwax® does not wash off easily. We did a test where we sprayed an old rusted pallet jack black and left it outside for over a month of very heavy rains. We looked at it about 6 weeks later and it looked as good as the day it was sprayed. Jet black. We took a water hose to it and still it would not wash off the Woolwax® coating.  So if you are in the market for the very best undercoating product for your car or truck, try Woolwax®.  Nothing lasts longer, and it's better than all the rest., 

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