1. Creep N' Crawl Cavity Wax Straw or Black

Creep N' Crawl Cavity Wax Straw or Black

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Creep N' Crawl is a very high performance 1-time permanent cavity wax.

Light Straw color or Black



7/20/2023   Creep N' Crawl is also being used by fleet service companies as a full undercarriage coating. Because this formulation dries into a solid but flexible wax, it will last indefinitely (years), and can be considered a "one and done application".  The only caution is that since it is made to "creep" everywhere, it is low viscosity and is not a non-drip formula. When applied as a full undercarriage coating this will drip for a day or two until it begins to cure into a very long term solid wax. When fully cured you will be left with a very long term flexible (will not crack)  solid wax that will protect your vehicle for years.  Complete curing process to turn into a firm wax can be 3-4 weeks. 


This product is cutting edge technology and is 100% solids. That means that there are no fillers in the formula.  Only active raw materials to prevent corrosion.  Most cavity waxes have been on the market for years without ever being updated. Creep N’ Crawl is absolutely the newest technology in enclosed area cavity protection. It’s delayed drying formulation (168 hours) allows it to creep and migrate into every possible area before beginning to cure into a flexible wax film.

The challenge when developing an effective cavity wax to make it low viscosity enough to creep everywhere. It needed to be solvent free so that it would not start to cure prematurely, and continue to migrate everywhere. Creep N' Crawl is very low viscosity which allows it to creep more effectively than more viscous coatings. Creep N' Crawl has a proprietary "very slow cure" formulation which allows it to creep and migrate for a full 168 hours (1 week) before starting to cure into a soft flexible wax that will provide protection for many years. 

Creep N' Crawl™ has no solvents or fillers. It is 100% solids which means that every raw material in the formulation is effective as a corrosion inhibitor. It makes the formulation a bit pricey, however, because there are no fillers (solvents, water, etc.) you only need a thin coating, and it goes a long way. . There is nothing to evaporate. so if you spray on 1-2 mil thick, you will be left with exactly what you sprayed on the surface.   One coat in the enclosed cavities and you will never need to treat that area again for 5+ years.

This compound consists of drying oils and anti-corrosion additives dispersed in a proprietary blend that cures in 168 hours (1 week). The results are a cured wax-like film that repels water and remains flexible to prevent chipping & cracking. Used in enclosed areas (rockers, doors, etc.) this product will provide protection indefinitely.

For years most cavity waxes have been old, outdated solvent formulas available only in expensive aerosol cans. Spray cans are the most expensive way to apply a coating because 1/3 or more of the can is the propellent. Creep N' Crawl ™ comes in bulk containers (gallons and pails) and is very easily applied using a standard undercoating gun with extension wands.

If you are serious about protecting your vehicle and would like to step up from using just a really thin undercoating in the cavities, than this is the product for you. 

What does "100% solids" mean ?

When a coating is chemically "100% solids", what you pay for is what you’ll end up with. But if the product is only 50% solids, then the other 1/2 is "fillers" (water, solvents, etc.)  is going to evaporate. Fillers are not a bad thing. They are often needed to hold the cost down. Naturally formulas that have no fillers (100% solids) are more expensive, but go much farther in coverage because you are using much less. What you spray wet, is what you are left with dry when using a 100% solids formula.

If the coating is any less than 100% solids the thickness of the coating will decrease because any additive (solvent, water, etc.) that is not a solid must evaporate during the drying process.

Creep N' Crawl Youtube video

Creep N' Crawl update video after 2 1/2 months outside

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