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Crewneck sweatshirt with Muff Pocket 18 oz. Fabric

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Fabric:  Heavyweight  18 oz.   95% cotton / 5% poly.    100% cotton sweatshirt face (outer shell).   The 5% poly is embedded in the inside fleece backing of the garment.

This was originally designed over 25 years ago for a major utility company that wanted crewneck sweatshirts with the full front muff pocket.  It's been a solid seller ever since.

Very heavyweight reverse-weave crewneck sweatshirt with a front pouch pocket. This is another great practical design from Kellsport. Heavy duty rugged sweatshirt with stretch gusset panels on the sides. Long and comfortable cuffs, neck and waistband. These shirts will shrink about 10% on the 1st wash and dry only. The cotton will compact and the shirt gets even thicker (the cotton has to go somewhere).  Available in  sizes: Small  thru  5XL

So what are we doing selling sweatshirts if we manufacture Woolwax® ?  Kellsport has operated a textile mill for almost 50 years. 
Kellsport sweatshirts are recognized as the highest quality available in the industry. Kellsport brand clothing is requested by more utility companies throughout the country than any other brand. Construction companies, home builders, electrical and plumbing trades, landscapers and tree companies, all require serious heavy duty workwear for their employees and corporate gifts.
So these are not the sweatshirts that you will find in retail stores.  The majority of our customers are utility companies (gas/electric/construction) that require heavyweight sweatshirts that are Made in USA. Many of these companies have specific requirements (flammability, arcing hazards, visibility, etc.) and will only trust a true American made product. We hear all the time from end-users that were issued a sweatshirt from their employer 20-30 years ago and they finally need to replace it.  Kellsport sweatshirts are made from the old Champion brand patterns years ago. They are bulky, heavyweight, reverse-weave sweatshirts. If you are looking for a fashion fit, that's not us.
So we get asked all the time from customers that connect our name with the sweatshirt brand. we have listed a few of the most popular styles on this page. The entire kellsport sweatshirt line can be seen at sweatshirtsusa.com 

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