Woolwax® FAQ


What is the difference between Woolwax® and other lanolin film type products ?

Woolwax®  is made from lanolin/woolgease. It contains more woolgrease and is more resistant to wash-off than any competitive product. In short...Woolwax® lasts much longer, has almost no smell, very little over-spray because it is thicker, and is available in clear and Black.

* Woolwax® is  made from woolgrease (lanolin) which is an excellent corrosion inhibitor & Lubricant.

* Woolwax® is solvent free, safe, non-hazardous, environmentally friendly.

* Woolwax® has a proprietary process to remove the woolgrease smell which can be very strong and some people do not care for it. Fluid Film has a strong odor.

* Woolwax® is formulated to be more viscous (thicker) than Fluid Film®, thereby being more resistant to road-wash. Woolwax® may need to be warmed up in front of a floor heater in cold weather before applying.

* Both products can be easily sprayed with the "PRO" Undercoating Gun from Kellsport Products. Woolwax® being thicker, has much less overspray (misting).  


Woolwax® is geared more towards the industrial user, professional undercoaters, or users in areas with heavy amounts of road slush that may want a slightly thicker product for more resistance to wash-off with very little noticeable smell.


What is Woolwax®

Woolwax® is a lanolin (wool-wax) based, solvent free corrosion preventive designed for use on any known metal. Woolwax® has a thixotropic viscosity that allows for a thick and drip free coating. Woolwax® leaves a soft, grease-like self-healing film that can be applied by brush or spray applicator gun. Woolwax® will not dry out and will penetrate metals to the base, providing corrosion protection in highly corrosive atmospheres like those found in industrial or environmental settings. Woolwax® has proven to be an exceptional vehicle undercoating product.

Applied annually to the vehicle undercarriage, frame, doors, etc., Woolwax® will provide excellent rust protection for any vehicle. Because Woolwax® is solvent free, there is no evaporation process.  Woolwax® coating in protected areas such as doors, frame rails, rocker panels, etc. will provide protection indefinitely (years).  The exposed area of the vehicle undercarriage is an annual maintenance application.  A Woolwax® treatment in the fall is generally adequate to get the vehicle undercarriage through the winter/salt season. Woolwax® is not a rust remover or converter, however Woolwax® can be applied over existing surface rust. Woolwax® will form a heavy film and prevent moisture and oxygen from reaching the existing rust. Thereby stopping it on contact. Heavy bubbling or flaking rust should be wire brushed before applying Woolwax®.


Woolwax® seems very thick. How is it applied ?

Woolwax® is very thick. We formulate it to be as thick as possible, yet easily sprayed.  Woolwax® is a heavy duty industrial grade lanolin vehicle undercoating that will survive the harshest weather and provide rust protection longer than any other annual undercoating. Woolwax® is thixotropic, and will thicken as it sits. Before applying shake or stir Woolwax®  vigorously. In cold weather it helps to warm up the Woolwax®. This can be easily done by placing the container in a warm area , or placing the spray gun bottles in warm water. Woolwax® is best applied using a Woolwax® undercoating gun. These guns are modified specifically for the waxy texture of the lanolin/woolwax.

Woolwax® can also be painted on surfaces depending on the application.


Does Woolwax® have a strong odor ?

No. Unlike other vehicle undercoatings Woolwax® has almost no smell at all. Through a proprietary process we have neutralized almost all of the strong lanolin/woolgrease odor. Also, because there are no solvents, there is no "chemically" smell to Woolwax®.


What type of compressor is needed to apply Woolwax®? How much psi? 

Woolwax® undercoating guns do not require much pressure. 70 – 90 psi is usually adequate. Sometimes the extension wands require a bit more pressure if it is cold out.  Even small compressors generally operate at about 125 psi.  More important is the tank size. If the tank is very small, you will be constantly waiting for the compressor to recover. Generally speaking, any compressor with a tank 3 gallons and larger will work fine. If the compressor is adequate for spray painting, it will work fine for vehicle undercoating.


What color is  Woolwax®

Woolwax®  is available in a straw color, which appears fairly clear when applied.    Woolwax® is also available in black.


Where is Woolwax® made?

Woolwax® is manufactured 100% in the U.S.A.  The only raw material imported is the woolgrease, because it is not available here. Everything other raw material, and  the packaging, labels, boxes, tint(black), is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.



Where can I get my vehicle treated with Woolwax®?

We have hundreds of undercoaters throughout the country that apply Woolwax® to customers vehicles. Enter your zip code on our website under “Find an Undercoater”. If there is no location near you, consider purchasing one of our Do-It-Yourself kits.  All you need is a small compressor.  Woolwax® is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and very easy to apply.


Is the Woolwax® spray aerosol the same as the bulk product (Gallons, etc.)?

Yes. However, since the can is under extreme pressure, the Woolwax® will spray in a lighter mist coating. The spray cans are great for general maintenance applications and touch-ups. The aerosols will not provide the same heavy thick coating that the bulk product (gallons, pails, etc.) will. If you are not in a snowbelt state with a lot of long-term road slush, undercoating your vehicle with spray cans will work well. Otherwise we recommend applying a heavier coating from the bulk container (gallon or pail).


What is the shelf life of Woolwax®

The shelf life of Woolwax® is indefinite. There are no solvents, so nothing to harden or evaporate. The aerosol spray cans are guaranteed for (1) year because the propellant can weaken after time.


Can Woolwax® be applied with a pump (garden type) sprayer?

No. Woolwax® is too thick to flow through any type of garden sprayer. (We have tried most of them.)


How can I thin Woolwax® if it is not flowing through my gun good enough?

Woolwax® is thixotropic and will get thicker as it sits. The first step is to mix it up extremely well. Warm up Woolwax® by placing it in front of a heater or placing in warm water. If it still needs to be thinned, you can mix in a small amount of vegetable oil until it is at the desired consistency. 

Can Woolwax® be applied over existing rust?
Woolwax® can be applied over any existing surface rust.  Woolwax® will stop the rust from progressing on contact by creating a film barrier that wil prevent moisture and oxygen from getting to the base metal. Woolwax® is not a rust converter or remover. Any heavy bubbling or flaking rust should be brushed off before applying Woolwax®.

If Woolwax® stays wet, will grass and stuff stick to it?
Because Woolwax® is non-drying, Woolwax® works as a release agent. Grass and other debris do not stick. Anything that may adhere can easily be rinsed off with a low pressure garden hose.
Woolwax® is very thick and does not wash off easily.