1. Hard-On™ Permanent hard coating for truck frames and equipment.

Hard-On™ Permanent hard coating for truck frames and equipment.

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Looking for a permanent 1-time hard shell coating for your truck frame or equipment?  Hard-On by woolwax™ is what you need. Originally developed as a chip guard for trailer trucks this formula is perfect for any long term applications.  Hard-On is water based , so it has almost no smell. Dries to the touch in about 1 hour, and after 72 hours it is fully cured. 

Hard-On by woolwax™  was developed to be used on both ferrous (steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and wrought iron) and non-ferrous metals (aluminum, brass, copper, tin,).  In addition, this formula will adhere to primers. Best used on newer vehicles with little to no surface rust. Vehicles with significant amounts of surface rust should, use Original Woolwax™.   Hard-On can be recoated with most urethane, acrylic or resin formulated automotive topcoats. 

Hard-On by Woolwax™ is an excellent solution for wheel wells which is always a high wash area. 

Hard-On is a water based coating that can be used on any metal surface.  No smell. Paint or spray on. 

Woolwax Hard-On is a high performance, permanent 1-time hard shell coating. NOT rubber. For those people that want a "1 time"  application, as opposed to an annual maintenance products, Hard-On is a great choice.  If you decide to go with Hard-On permanent coating, you will also need a cavity wax for the enclosed protected areas. We highly recommend Creep N' Crawl Cavity wax. This can be found at the the link here:  Creep N' Crawl Cavity Wax

Hard-On can easily be sprayed or painted on the surface.

Please read carefully


·        This coating dries to a pure black. This is NOT a rubber coating. This dries to a very hard coating.

·        Drying time is 60 minutes to the touch, and 72 hours to be fully cured.

·        Expected life expectancy is 5-10 years depending on use.

·        The surface does not need to be pristine. Hard-On™ is developed to be applied on new, used, slightly rusted, or imperfect surfaces. It is not intended to be used on surfaces with significant surface rust. (Use original Woolwax ™ for rusted frames)

·        This product can freeze. Always store above 50 degrees.

·        Ideal temperature to apply is 50-90 degrees F.

·        Do not thin Hard-On. Must be applied at full strength.

·        This coating is not intended to be removed (be certain that you want a permanent coating).

·        Wipe off any overspray immediately with damp cloth before it begins to dry.

·        Keep unused product securely closed to keep the air out. Shelf life is about 6-8 months. 

·        In addition to corrosion preventive, Hard-On is also a chip guard.

·        Incredible durable protection from salt, rust, moisture, and road debris.

·        Acts as a sound and vibration deadener.·        Ideal product for very long-term vehicle protection as well as trailers, RV’s, school buses, motor homes, truck box trailers, delivery trucks, and more. 

** Hard-On by woolwax™ is not high-heat resistant. Typically undercoating formulas primary function is as a corrosion inhibiting agent. Developing a coating that is also high-heat resistant is not an option due to the cost being to high to sell to the majority of undercoating users. It is very costly to make it high-heat resistant.

     Hard-On by woolwax™ will burn off at 140° F and should not be applied to tailpipes, mufflers, engine blocks, etc. A typical heat resistant coating will tolerate 800 - 1000°F.

     If you are not sure that you want a permanent (cannot be removed) coating, please contact us for more information.  Once applied, there are no do-overs.  Please consider this carefully. 

     Spray Guns-  Hard-On by Woolwax™ is a relatively low viscosity water-based coating and can be applied with almost any undercoating gun. 

*** Hard-On by Woolwax™ can be sprayed with the slim-jim or pro undercoating gun due to the fact there is no need for extension wands. Product is not made to creep or migrate.


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