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Undercoaters Wanted

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Thank you for your interest in considering Woolwax® Undercoating for your business.

We provide some valuable tools for Woolwax™ Undercoaters.   We are heavily promoting our Undercoaters to drive business to your location.
Woolwax™ is positioned as a premium product and an upgrade to other products.  Authorized Woolwax™ Undercoaters will be approved based on several guidelines.
We  protect the market value of the  Woolwax™ brand by limiting the amount of locations that sell the product. Our Dealer agreement prohibits any internet sales of Woolwax™  products without our consent.
In no event, is any Dealer/Undercoater authorized to advertise any Woolwax™ product below the Minimum Advertised Price Policy (MAPP).
This will help to ensure that all of our Woolwax™ Undercoaters will be successful and to be able to maintain a fair profit when selling Woolwax™.

The Undercoaters we are looking for are the ones that are looking to making a strong commitment to the Woolwax® brand.  In exchange we will be making an extremely strong commitment to drive business to your location with our advertising and promotion programs.    Woolwax® has become the industry standard for most municipal and state DOT's throughout the northeast.  Our primary focus as a manufacturer is support and drive as much business to our Undercoater partners as possible. Our heavily promoted Undercoater Locator is now consistently receiving over 2300 "hits" daily. These are all end-users looking for a Woolwax® Undercoater location near them.    With this is mind, we do not require that our partners stock all of our formulas, however we do ask that all Undercoaters and Dealers offer Woolwax® in both Straw(clear) and Black. Surely as a smart business person you understand that we don't want to send customers to your location if you do not carry the Woolwax® product that they are looking for.  

Woolwax® is a thicker and more viscous product, so it is more resistant to wash-off.  Also, Woolwax® has neutralized the strong woolgrease smell and is almost odor free.  Woolwax® is positioned as an upgraded product for industrial users, municipalities, and professional Undercoaters that market to end user customers.

If you have an interest in becoming a Woolwax® Undercoating location, we'd like to hear from you at your convenience.   We understand that many of our Undercoaters offer more than one brand of undercoating to their customers. We only require that you give Woolwax® equal promotional presence (website, FB page, signs, logo's etc.) that you afford to your other competitive brands.

*  Listing on the Woolwax™ Undercoater Locator web-site, as well as verbal referrals from callers to our #800 lines.
*  Free and discounted supply of Woolwax™ Tri-Fold undercoating flyers.
*  Discounted pricing on Woolwax™ outdoor banners, keychains, and hats, floor mats, air fresheners, and more
* Woolwax™ static cling window service stickers at no charge.
* When you partner with us, we treat your business as if it is our own.  We do everything possible to drive customers to your business. 

What type of business applies Woolwax® undercoating?

Auto repair shops, vehicle detailers, plow and equipment suppliers, tire dealers and mobile undercoaters. Vehicle undercoating can add a significant source of additional revenue to almost and automotive related company.

Interested?  Please give us a call at your convenience. T: 888-341-4600
or contact us at the link below:

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