Welcome to Woolwax®.  We know auto undercoating well. We offer the absolute best car and truck undercoat product available on the market. We have taken all the other products that perform well, Fluid Film®, Krown®, etc, and looked at their strengths and weaknesses. Woolwax® takes the best features and we have eliminated the known issues with the other products. Woolwax® has almost no smell. Woolwax® is non-drip (no garage and driveway stains).  Woolwax® will absolutely last longer and provide protection longer than any other annual maintenance undercoating. Nothing lasts longer than  Woolwax®. It does not wash off like other lanolin films. Woolwax® is available in Straw (clear) and Black colors.
Woolwax®.. Better than all the rest. No undercoating lasts longer.  Proudly Made in U.S.A.

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