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Woolwax Gift certificate. Available in any amount.

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Flexible 32" wand developed to fit the Kellsport Products PRO Undercoating Gun.  Does not work well with Woolwax® as it is a thicker and longer lasting formula)  

IMPORTANT: The 32" is a bit too long to use with Woolwax®, because it is a thicker viscosity. It works, but not well.  The 32" wand can easily be shortened by removing the barbed end fitting,  cut the hose, and put the barbed end fitting back in.

These black wands are a more flexible and durable material than found elsewhere. 
The tip is a 360° nozzle for full coverage inside frame rails, doors, rocker panels, etc. 

** NOTES: 
* Shipping is very expensive on a single item. Please add other items (spray cans, a gallon, other wands, etc.) to get your order over $49.50 for FREE SHIPPING.  
* These extension wands will only fit the PRO GUN. 

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