Woolwax 'LV' Cavity wax. 1-Gallon Can.

Woolwax "LV" Cavity wax. 1-Gallon Can.

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Woolwax® "LV" is a thinner (lower viscosity) formula than traditional Woolwax®.  It is an identical formulation to traditional Woolwax®, however it is thinner and will creep and migrate into inaccessible areas quicker than traditional Woolwax®. 
Because Woolwax® "LV" is a thinner lanolin/wool grease formula, it is best used on enclosed protected areas (frame rails, doors, rockers etc.), or for indoor applications on machinery and other equipment.
Woolwax® "LV" should not be used as a vehicle undercoating in areas such as the undercarriage that are exposed to the elements.  Woolwax® "LV" is about the same viscosity as competitors lanolin and oil-based products. These products have proven to wash off too easily when exposed to the elements. But there are applications where a thinner formula can be used.  For these situations we have developed Woolwax® "LV".   Only traditional Woolwax® will provide long term protection and resist wash-off in areas exposed to road wash and other outdoor elements.

Suggested Applications for Woolwax® "LV".
  • CAVITY WAX.  Enclosed/protected areas of vehicle. (doors, frame rails, rockers, etc.)
  • Locks
  • Any type of equipment that is stored indoors.
  • Applications that need to be applied with a pump sprayer.
  • Firearms & fishing reels
  • Any metal equipment that needs corrosion protection & lubrication. 
Woolwax® "LV" is available in color Straw (applies clear)
Woolwax® "LV" is completely compatible with traditional Woolwax®, and can be mixed.