Thank you for your interest in being listed on the Woolwax™ Undercoater Dealer Locator. 

If you are an active Woolwax™  Dealer and promoting the Woolwax™ brand on your social media and company website, we will consider directing our customers to your business.  We do not take this decision lightly and we will not promise to list a business unless we are absolutely certain that you will represent the Woolwax™ brand in a positive and professional manner. We require that you deliver a professional and excellent experience in every way to customers of the Woolwax™ brand.  Listings are linked to your account and are are auto-reviewed every 90 days. Inactive accounts are delisted automatically. We try very hard not to open too many Dealers in any area. So when we do list a new Dealer, that takes a spot away from another potential Dealer.  Surely you understand that we will make the decision to promote the Dealers that reciprocate and promote the Woolwax™ brand.  Many of our Dealers tell us that the majority of their business comes from our referrals. We commit a tremendous amount of resources promoting our Dealers. It is most important that customers that we direct to your business site page are able to tell immediately that you sell Woolwax™.  Research data shows that if the customer cannot find what they are looking for in the 1st (3) seconds, they will click onto the next listing. So please be sure to provide us the link to the page where you are displaying the Woolwax™ logo.   Please provide any information that you feel is important in the comment box below.  

We sincerely appreciate your interest in representing the Woolwax™ brand. 

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